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Lampshade: The Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice

In the soft furnishing collocation, there is always a place for lamps. Lamps are important items to create a home atmosphere. Each lamp is equipped with a protective layer known as a lampshade.

Lampshades can be switched, just like changing a cell phone case to match the clothes you wear. This allows you to customize the look of your lamps to suit the style of your room, the mood of the day, or even special holidays

 Now, let's delve into the benefits of lampshades.

What are the benefits of using lampshades?

Give Your Decor a Touch of Style:

Lamp shades are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, making them versatile accessories for any interior design scheme. Whether you prefer a contemporary, minimalist appearance or a timeless vintage charm, there's a lampshade out there that will perfectly complement your home. Upgrading your lamp shade is a simple and cost-effective way to update your decor without making significant alterations.

Practical Usefulness:

In addition to their visual advantages, lamp shades also offer practical usefulness. They help evenly distribute light, reducing glare and preventing harsh shadows. If you often find yourself squinting or straining your eyes while reading or working, a well-designed lamp shade can greatly enhance your comfort and productivity.

Set the Mood with Lighting:

 Lighting plays a significant role in creating the ambiance of your living spaces. Lamp shades help diffuse and direct light, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. In the winter, good lighting is crucial to combat the darkness. A good lamp shade can provide a warm and welcoming glow that brightens up your space and lifts your spirits.

Are you excited to choose the ideal lampshade after discovering the various advantages it offers, like adding decor to your style, distributing light, and enhancing ambiance with proper lighting? No rush.To choose the perfect lamp shade for your space, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the various shapes and materials available and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

What options are available for different lampshade shapes and materials?

There are numerous options for lamp shade materials and shapes, each with its unique benefits and drawbacks.

Fabric Lamp Shades

You can find fabric lamp shades made of silk or linen. They are commonly used in bedrooms to create a cozy and romantic ambiance, with softer lighting from table lamps. Additionally, fabric lamp shades are gentle on the eyes and can be easily cleaned or replaced. However, it's important to note that fabric lamp shades are flammable, and handmade ones can be quite expensive.

 Glass Lampshade

Lampshades made of glass are commonly used in a range of different materials. It possesses an attractive color and allows for excellent light transmission. They can produce stunning and vibrant lighting effects. Additionally, they are highly resistant to weather conditions, ensuring they do not become discolored or yellowed over time. However, it is important to be cautious when using glass lampshades as they are both heavy and delicate, making them unsuitable for households with small children.

Hymela C04 Globe Vanity Wall Sconce with Colorful Lampshade Glass lampshades

Glass lampshades

 Paper lampshade

A lampshade made out of paper is typically crafted using paper, parchment paper, or different types of colored paper. This type can create a soft and ethereal ambiance in the living room or any other area of the house, giving it a feeling of endless joy. Similar to fabric lampshades, paper lampshades alone are also flammable.

 Metal lampshade

A lamp shade made of metal, specifically stainless steel and other steel, offers a robust texture, impressive durability, and resistance to impact. Its versatility allows it to be paired with various decorative styles, embodying a contemporary and sleek aesthetic that appeals to many young individuals, including myself.

Hymela All lampshades shapes

Having learned about the various shapes and materials of lampshades and their respective advantages and disadvantages, some people must be dazzled, while others may have found their preferred material and shape. For example, I personally prefer metal material with a empire shape, as it is durable and has a modern look.

How to choose a lampshade - the complete guide

Have you ever experienced this situation? You've finally picked out a lampshade that you're happy with. The material is perfect and the the shape is perfect. brought it home, and then realized that you can't install it. It must be very frustrating.But knowing this golden rule, you will never go home with the wrong lampshade again.

The golden rule is an equation of measurements that will point you to the perfect lampshade to match your newfound lamp. First, measure the base and height of your lamp. The shade should be twice as wide as the lamp base, and one-third of the total height of the lamp. So for an 8-inch lamp base, the shade should be at least 16 inches wide. And if the total height of the lamp (including the bulb and harp) is 24 inches, the shade should be 8 inches tall.

Select a lampshade that aligns with your home's color scheme and interior design style, while adhering to this essential principle. I am confident that you will discover the ideal and suitable lampshade for your needs.

 Have you ever had a heartbreaking moment like this? Going through at least five or six different stores searching for the perfect size and design, you still couldn't find exactly what you were looking for. It must be super frustrating! But now you can DIY a lampshade out of your favorite fabric. 


How to DIY a lampshade with your favorite fabric

  • Choose your lampshade shape
  • Choose two lampshade rings (a plain ring, and one with a fitter)
  • Find a piece of fabricthat has been hidden in your box for a long time
  • Use clips to fix the fabric on the lamp ring, and glue the lampshade rings with the fabric

Hymela How to DIY your own lampshades?

Ta-da! A charming and intimate lampshade, lovingly crafted by yours truly, is now ready to shine!

After reading the article, the editor couldn't help but want to share an interesting little knowledge

Why is lampshade green

The crucial word is "old," as they are from a previous age.

The original electric lamps and bulbs emitted a bright, sharp light that caused eye strain when used for extended periods.

The green shade was first conceived as a green visor for accountants and bank bookkeepers, which led to the introduction of the so-called "Banker's Lamp" with green "shades." It was a brief that green could filter away the harshness of light and hence be suitable for individuals forced to use them all day in desk occupations that it was developed.

As they are connected with banks and consequently prosperity, such lights are still offered for nostalgia or appearance. Other types of lighting are used in most modern courtrooms.