Lamp Selection And Lighting Design for Different Home Spaces

Lamp Selection And Lighting Design for Different Home Spaces

Why is every space in IKEA makes people feel comfortable?

Why do I always feel that I look good when I try on clothes in the fitting room of the store, but the clothes don't suit me so well when I get home?

The key is the lightings are at work. When we design lighting for the home, visibility is not the only requirement, we also hope to make the overall lighting more functional, so that the home is beautiful to 360° without dead ends.

Here is the guidance of a lamp selection and lighting design for different home spaces.

What is color temperature?

The unit of color temperature is Kelvin, referred to as K. The higher the K value, the whiter the light and the closer it is to natural light.
The color temperature of different K values is suitable for different room atmosphere. Generally speakking, working area is 5000K, there is a little yellow and white, which will not be dazzling. The leisure area is 3000K, which will not distract people's attention and create a warm atmosphere.

How to choose lamps for the living room

The color temperature of the lighting in the living room is about 4000K. In order to allow sufficient light in every corner, several lamps can be used in combination.
Ceiling lamp + Wall Sconces + Desk lamp
The ceiling lamp is responsible for the overall lighting, and the wall lamp and desk lamp are for the scene lighting. When combined together, they can produce good light atmosphere and shadow effects.
However, choosing ceiling lamps has requirements for the floor height.
Floor height ≥ 3m, chandelier and ceiling lamp can be selected.
If the floor height is less than 3m, it is recommended to choose other lamps, such as track lights.

If the floor height of your home is less than 2.7m and you want to use a chandelier, it is recommended to choose a half chandelier or a chandelier with a lampshade diameter of 38~57cm to reduce the visual ratio.
Ceiling lamp + Track spotlight + floor lamp
The track spotlight is especially suitable for the apartment type with low floor height. It does not need a suspended ceiling and directly exposes the lighting. With auxiliary lighting of floor lamps, especially the floor lamps with up and down lighting, it also has the function of extending the height of the floor.
Spotlight + floor lamp (long-arm lamp)
There are two types of spotlights, one needs to be embedded in the ceiling and sacrifices the floor height, the other is installed directly on the roof without a chandelier. The distance between spotlights and spotlights is generally 1.5-2m, but this is not a fixed distance. If you want to use it as the main light source, the distance can be closer. If it's just an auxiliary light source, it doesn't matter to make the distance far away. Spotlights also have the effect of washing the walls, brightening hanging paintings or green plants to make the space appear larger. Pair it with a floor lamp to create good mood lighting, suitable for reading on the sofa.

How to choose bedroom lamps

Providing enough light for comfortable reading and soft lights for sleeping, or any other activities important.
Wall lamps
The bedroom creates a warm environment, and the wall lamps happen to have such a role.
Table lamps
When you’re choosing a table lamp for your bedroom, it's important to get the right one. A bedside table lamp can be used to create the perfect ambiance in your space, and it can be placed by the bedside, which is convenient to turn on and off at will. 
Long chandelier
The long chandelier has a strong sense of design and can be used alone in the bedroom, and it is the first choice for many simple and Nordic styles.
Night light
Night light is a must-have, especially for families with children and the elderly,  an induction night light is a better one.

The best lighting design ideas for Dining room

The dinning room lighting is focus on lighting food, so chandeliers are the best way to illuminate.

The selection of kitchen lamps

The room’s illumination is critical for a successful kitchen design, so choosing kitchen lighting should never be left to the last minute.
Suitable lighting will encourage people to relax and enjoy the kitchen and the informal dining experience. So what color will be the best for kitchen room?-a cool white light, which means a Kelvin rating of 3,000 to 4,500. Warm, yellower light with a lower Kelvin rating is better for a living space rather than one where food preparation and cooking take place. 
You can combine different lighting types when choosing kitchen lighting if you can make the color matches.
Track light + Cabinets LED Strip Lights +  Skirting light
The track light is responsible for the main light source, and the other lights perform their own duties, so that everywhere they go can be surrounded by lights without leaving any blindings.

How to choose bathroom lighting?

Any bathroom can benefit from lighting to enhance the beauty of the space. To ensure that light is distributed evenly, opt for a combination of ambient light in the form of chandeliers, pendants or flush mounts. 
And a wall sconce is the perfect solution for creating a special ambiance for a tub area.
In the whole decoration process, we also need to consider the influence of decoration materials. The reflection of the decoration material will affect the brightness of the light.

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