Vintage Aesthetic Lamps | Affordable & Effective Room Decor Ideas

Vintage Aesthetic Lamps | Affordable & Effective Room Decor Ideas

What do you think of turning your home into a retro style? Charming, right? If you get a little tired of stylish millennium decorations and start missing the serenity and elegance of the vintage atmosphere, now is the time to make a change. You don't need a revolution, you just need to skillfully evolve your interior style, starting with lighting is a low-cost but effective way.

1. Light up vintage atmosphere with rattan lamps

You can easily upgrade the house to a retro look by placing some retro-style pendants, or lamps that match the paint on the walls.

Vintage rattan furniture is becoming more and more popular these days. Sitting indoors staring at the wall for a long time, people began to yearn for natural materials related to outdoor serenity, such as vines that originated from tropical trees. This simple texture is molded into an elegant form of furniture and lighting. It connects human with nature while still has a feeling of special and exquisite.

The rattan lampshade adds texture and warmth to the space. They combine strength and elasticity, the warmth of soft tones, and the ability to be penetrated by light. Nothing can compare with the look and feel of handmade artworks. Vintage rattan lamps are favored because they can breathe soul into a space. Their natural woven texture always combine perfectly with the smoother surface of the room.

The beauty of the rattan lamps, in addition to its natural texture and color, is the price. You can usually buy all kinds of rattan furniture, stools and rattan lampshades at a very reasonable price.


2. Lamps with retro look and modern technology

Table lamp and wall lamp can not only be used as room decoration, but also provide lighting, which is ornamental and versatile. Although we like the table lamp and wall lamp with retro appearance, it is not a contradictory and difficult thing to combine retro with modern technology. Nowadays many lamps already feature convenient and practical functions. For example, 0-100% dimmable design, adjustable brightness with touch control, safe USB charging port, replaceable light bulb, and so on.

Choosing a lamp with retro appearance and modern technology will satisfy your cherish for retro style.

Put a handmade natural rattan table lamp on  your dining table, unique bohemian style, with hand-woven lampshade, minimalist and elegant design, bring out the old-fashioned dining atmosphere every day.


Vintage torch-shaped table lamp can easily occupy an important place in your living room table lamp list because of its creative geometry and metal wavy design, inspired by the retro Greek coast.


You can add this Rustic Wall Sconce Lamp to your bedroom or study. Wooden bases and rattan lampshades can be the best props to create a dramatic retro atmosphere and form your own selfie corner in your home.The wall lamp also includes an amber Edison bulb, which is bright enough at 6W to use for reading, studying or working, and easily adjusts to a dim light before bedtime.


3. Warm lighting is indispensable for retro style

Decorating the interior with appropriate lighting equipment can not only add some retro luster to your home, but also illuminate the room with quiet brightness, with antique effects with dusk tones to create an aesthetic atmosphere. To show off your personality and your love of retro style.

Warm white lights, coupled with enough lumens, creating a retro atmosphere while not harm your eyesight, do not easily make your eyes feel tired, and will make you feel more comfortable when studying and reading.

You must carefully consider the distribution of warm and cool lighting in your home, because if they are not placed properly / in the wrong space, they may have a negative impact on your mood.


Warm yellow lights can provide a softer, more traditional brilliance for your home. family areas as bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, corridors are more suitable for warm lighting.

Light bulbs are rated in lumens, wattages and Kelvin. Lumen refers to the brightness, and the wattage is the power of the bulb. The Kelvin rating can help you determine the type or color of light produced by a light bulb. The lower the Kelvin level, the warmer the light and the less harsh it will be to your eyes.

Soft white (2700 to 3000 K) is a warm yellow,this kind of light gives people a mild and comfortable feeling and is usually most suitable for living rooms, corridors, studies and bedrooms. Warm lighting in the bedroom is significant, especially at night, because lower levels of blue light won't have much negative effect on your sleep. The warm light in the corridor will create a feeling of comfy and friendly when entering the house.

Warm white (3000 to 4000 K) is more yellowish white. These light bulbs fit dining rooms and bathrooms. Warm lighting can provide a relaxing feeling for a warm shower or hot bath. Using the warm  lighting in the dining area can bring a cozy feeling to your family dinner or dinner party.

It will be very helpful to pay attention to these parameters when choosing a light bulb.

After reading this article, are you excited to decorate your room with vintage lamps too?