Why we need bedroom wall lamps and how to choose the perfect one?

Why we need bedroom wall lamps and how to choose the perfect one?

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1.What Are the Benefits of Bedroom Wall Lamps?

The bedroom is a relaxing room with a warm atmosphere, so we’d better avoid installing fixed lighting on the central ceiling of the bedroom, which may be dazzling from the bed.

Wall lamps create a peaceful feeling in the bedroom when you are ready to rest and fall asleep. What's more, if you're used to reading at night or before bed, an intentional placement of a wall lamp can also help you read more comfortably.

While reading in places with insufficient light does not cause permanent damage to our eyes, it can cause some undesirable short-term symptoms such as migraines and eye strain.

Nowadays, many people have shifted from reading physical books to digital devices.When you are reading e-books, the lights in your reading area should be as bright or brighter as your reading devices. Reading through a digital device in a dark room can cause discomfort, leading to distraction and disorientation, as your eyes constantly adjust between the bright screen and the dim environment. Dazzling lights such as fluorescent lights can cause migraines, and maintaining the habit can aggravate the symptoms.Besides,if you are reading paper books, the dim bedroom is unable to provide adequate lighting.

So we need to increase the task lighting in the bedroom. Task lighting means artificial light that increases illuminance for activities such as reading. Professor Graham Strong from University of Waterloo says most home rooms are noticeably short of light, which can make your eyes tired faster. Moreover,for tasks such as reading, the position of the light should shine directly on the page, not over your shoulder to avoid glare.


Adjustable wall lamps with swinging arms provides a realistic solution for late-night readers. As it allows you to project light exactly where you need it, while reducing glare, it usually provides better lighting than overhead ceiling light,makes it easier for you to concentrate for a long time.


2.Where to Install Bedroom Wall Lamps?

The wall lamps above either side of the bed provides ideal reading light while freeing available space in the room. The Rotatable Reading Wall Lamp can easily shine the light where you need it when reading on the bed. So, where exactly should the bedroom wall lamp be installed?

First of all, the height of the wall lamp should be adjusted according to the person lying on the bed rather than the person standing. Although there is no fixed answer to this question, it should usually be installed 48 to 72 inches on one side of the headboard and about 24 inches above the mattress. According to the standard bed height, we recommend that the wall lamp be placed 55-60 inches from the floor to the lamp base.


A little tip,you can lie in the bed and mark an area about 5 inches above the shoulder on the wall.

Don't forget to put the lighting accessories on the wall within your reach, so that you can easily turn the wall lamp on / off or adjust the direction of the light.


3.What Kind of Wall Lamps Are Worth Buying?

As with any light fixture, color temperature and CRI are significant factors when choosing wall lamps.Most people adore light source of 2700K-3000K, which is warm, pleasing to the eye, attractive and great for bedrooms and night reading. If you choose LED wall lamp, choose ones with a CRI above 80 to ensure high-quality lighting.

Rotatable Reading Wall Lamp

3000k light source and CRI of up to 93 ensure sufficient brightness and color reduction,avoiding visual fatigue.3W spotlight specially designed for reading at night, and the hidden backlight that diffuses and reflects soft light through the wall to avoid direct light on your eyes.The head of the wall lamp can rotate freely, so that you can find the most comfortable reading angle.


 Modern Wall Sconce

Features pherical ambient light- reflects the light evenly through the 7cm thick frosted lampshade, and the soft halo slowly stretches to avoid the light shining directly on your eyes, which is perfect for the bedroom.The 25°small-angle beam accurately shines on your reading pages, without disturbing your partner and children beside you.Not to mention the Convenient Shelf Design which can save the space and makes it convenient to reach the books.


Dimmable 350°Rotatable Wall Lamp

Features 3000k warm light  and excellent CRI, and it has the 0-100% dimming design.There is a dimming knob switch on the back of the wall lamp, you can simply rotates the switch to turn the light on / off and adjust the light to the brightness you want.

Have you decided which wall lamp to choose? No matter which one you choose, just enjoy the focused and comfortable reading time.